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Hello! I’m Steven! I belong to the youngest group of Millennial. I’ve started this blog as one of my channels to vent out my opinion about politics, technology and other societal issues. I want you to know the opinion and perspective of a normal Millennial about the current issues that we’ve facing today. As much as I want to publish my thoughts on social media, I find that space a very toxic space to publish my thoughts, there are a lot of trolls and fake news. I promise that this blog will be very diverse blog, I will only publish information based on the actual facts. I hope you enjoy exploring this site. Maraming Salamat!


Thank You Taxpayers! Engineer na ako ngayon: DOST-SEI helped me fulfill my dream

A recent buzz about the demands of the "middle class" caught my attention, this was all about the tax burden ...
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Duterte Extends Luzon Quarantine: OK lang ba lumabas ng bahay?

Ok lang ba lumabas ng bahay?                   Kung hindi ka naman Essential ...
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God is still in Control : My Enhanced Community Quarantine Story

March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared a Pandemic because of the increasing case of COVID-19. I did not ...
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kaka instgram mo yan

I’ve got hired because of Instagram!

May 2018 -- The time has come! After 5 years of studying engineering, we are now finally going to graduate ...
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Hello World! Welcome to My channel!

Hello World! In the world of programming, the "Hello World" is the starting point of learning. This is the most ...
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