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Hello! I’m Steven! I belong to the youngest group of Millennial. I’ve started this blog as one of my channels to vent out my opinion about politics, technology and other societal issues. I want you to know the opinion and perspective of a normal Millennial about the current issues that we’ve facing today. As much as I want to publish my thoughts on social media, I find that space a very toxic space to publish my thoughts, there are a lot of trolls and fake news. I promise that this blog will be very diverse blog, I will only publish information based on the actual facts. I hope you enjoy exploring this site. Maraming Salamat!


The Lord is my shepherd : Coping with this Pandemic (Entry 001)

This pandemic really hit everyone hard. No age group was exempted on what's happening on our world right now. Suddenly ...
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I’ve made a App for Group Buying of Milk Tea: Google Flutter Dev + Firebase ( This is just joke app hahahaha)

One day upon scrolling on reddit. I stumbled upon this hot mobile development system made by Google. They called this ...
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I’ve downloaded Tiktok as a joke but now amazed with its diverse community.

November 2019 a short video dance clip popped up in my timeline. It was a cringey dance video! but i ...
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We’ve Innovated and Created an AI- Powered Rescue and Reconnaissance Drone : Our Story of Grit and Determination

"Ideas are cheap, execution is everything.’’ — Chris Sacca Senior Year: The Design Project (Thesis) 2017-2018: We are already 5th ...
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Health Care Facility and Health Worker Inventory Dashboard

Hi everyone! I've made an interactive dashboard for health care facility and health worker. Based on the trends and Data ...
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