About the author

My “mayor” look! Photo taken during our 2018 Christmas Party.

Hello! I’m Steven Atienza! I’m a young professional who belongs to the youngest brackets of Millennial. My day job is on the field of Information and Technology. I’m still young and willing to explore more in things life. I will try my best to give you fresh content every week. Connect with me via this email atienza.steven@gmail.com. You can find me on different social media sites.

I’ve started this blog because I’ve realized that I have so many thoughts that I need to express. I’ve created this site during this season of lock-down due to COVID-19.

Why daily millennial?

Honestly, I still do not know why I’ve chosen this name. I’ve just combine the two keyword millennial + daily, I’m a millennial and I post daily 🙁 (huhu I will give a better explanation on the next update). If you’ve inspected the domain it is “thedailymillenial.org” the millenial is only single n, well I’ve chosen this domain because this is the only available domain with a cheaper price. Yeah! That’s all folks! I Hope you enjoy browsing on this site!