Bloom where you’re planted

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Feeling lost and don’t know what to do in life? Yes, that’s how I felt sometime years ago. I’m 22 and after graduation I don’t know what to do with my life. Yes somehow I have plans to what I will be doing but then again let’s face it, Life is hard. You do not get what you want. Most of the plans that I have is not happening.

Give yourself time to grow.

Two years ago I graduated and I’m on the phase of looking for a job. I acknowledge the hardship and struggles of finding a job. Job hunting is probably one of the many exhausting and tiring things to do. This was the stage where you need to constantly prove to your potential employer your value and why they should hire you.

To be honest job hunting is easier for me, it is because of the privilege that I have. My school did a great job in connecting fresh graduates and big corporations for job opportunities. Before I even graduate I was hired in a multinational corporation for a software related job, I passed all the interview and test and all I need to do is to sign the contract. The offer is actually above my asking and it is great for a fresh graduate. I refused the offer due to the location of the work to my current home. And that time I do not feel at ease accepting the job, I have no peace in my heart. So I called them and officially turned down the offer. Many job offers are waiting left and right. But I decided to go home in the province to rethink and give myself a rest.

During my rest period in the province. I tried sending my CV on this growing company which the specializes in the field I’m really interested. More than anything, I said to myself that I’m still young and if I want to explore things. Why not try a different path by joining a growing company. My objective is to really observe what’s happening and learn, I also think that joining growing company will test my flexibility. To make the long story short I joined that company and got on board.

After 2 weeks I got a call from a large electric company that I was accepted in the initial screening to be one of their ‘trainees’ to be deployed in Singapore. And then after another day, I’ve got a call for an interview from a very popular American computer networking company. I was very confused that time whether to stay on my current work (which I reported for almost 2 weeks) or jump in on the offers that these big corporations are offering.

I evaluated and contemplated before making the decision. The decision that I came up with is I stayed on my current new work . Someone advised me that “I should bloom where I’m planted”. This might be difficult for me but I realized that I’m not yet mature enough to face those big corporations. I need more to to grow. I did not regret that decision, because after that I prayed and decided I felt peace and that’s more important for me.

After 1 year many tempting offers came in, but gladly with the help of many people I stayed where I am and I was promoted on a higher positions. After another year, which is this current year 2020. This really tested my position to stay, through the help of many people , I hold on that saying that “I should bloom where I’m planted”. I seize the opportunity that is coming to me. Though I did not expect that this is the track that I’m taking and I also believe that all of this are destined. God allowed me to be in this place at this time because this is His plan.


After two years I have no regrets on the decisions that I’ve done. On this place, I flourished and bloomed. The process of career maturity, the people I’ve met and known and the new perspective are my major takeaways on this journey. I encourage everyone that, give ourselves time to grow. The process of growth is intentional, we should aim it.

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