The SCAM, danger and economy behind the “Baby Photo Liking Contest” — Data Privacy Concern

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For the past months, I’ve been tagged in a numerous a framed baby picture with a name of a baby and it says “Baby Photo Liking Contest”. At first I did not pay attention and just liked the post. But I’ve been consecutively tagged 3 in different photos in a span of 3 weeks. This is the time it caught my attention, my inner “usisiro” activated. In short, I did a full investigation why mommies are crazy about this photo liking contest? why they are so eager to “win” this contest? what benefits or perks they get if ever they win? why people host this kind of contest in the first place?

By the way I’m not KJ or anything here. I’m here to educate everyone how this works , for you to rethink before joining this “contest”.

How this works?

Let me show you how this Baby Photo Liking Contest works via this sample from this popular Facebook page.

They have a posted mechanics on how to join.

  1. You need to Like their page and pay Php 100.00 for registration fee.
  2. You will send a picture of your baby and that’s it you are now qualified to join.

How you will win the contest?

1 React = 1 point but they established some rules and pointing system. So not necessarily the more you have likes/react you will be the winner, they’ve added an extra weight on the “referrals”. If you have invited other mommies to register you will automatically receive 100 points (Max of 30 referrals). Plus another 100 points if your subscribed to their YouTube channel. By doing this they are actually encouraging more to register, and registration equals more money to the promoter.

Why facebook is not tagging them as Spam?

They have devised a clever policy to keep their engagement “organic”. They prohibited the contestants from sharing it in a groups and autolikes are prohibited. This will also insure that the referrals will give extra weight to the contestant thus encouraging other to do more referrals and more referrals more registration fee will be paid.

What will you get?

  1. 5 minutes of fame and bragging rights
  2. Cash Prizes
  3. Self Made Certificate that has no bearing in real life

Sounds Fair?

NOPE! Let’s do the math

Let’s do the Math

Let’s reference this in their data on batch 56. They have 186 entries with a Php100 registration, they easily generated Php 18,600

Prizes Total: Php 4,000 + 1,500 + 600 + 400 + 300 +(lets’s say Php 100 pesos consolation prize x 15 = 1500) = Php 8,300

Profit= Php 18,600 – Php 8, 300 = Php 10,300

They easily generated Php 10, 300.00 in one run. Mind you one contest runs only in 3 days. And so far they’ve already did 57 batches. Let’s say that we take Php 10,000 as a conservative average (disregarding the batches that has almost 400 participants) profits. They almost profited Php 570,000 just for whole “contest”.

Ang KJ mo naman! Mind your own business nalang nag-eenjoy naman yata mga nanay

Nope I’m not KJ, I’m actually concerned how carelessly this was executed. This actually create more harm than good. Those baby pictures can be used by Pedophiles and can be posted and edited as clickbait for pedo sites.

The things that I’m concerned

  1. You are exposing your child’s identity on the internet. Remember those photo has their full name on it. And you are tagging random people to react/share to it? You don’t know the repercussions if this photos fall into the wrong hands. Remember that your babies will grow in the future only to find out that their baby picture is randomly posted on the internet.
  2. Be aware that there are a lot of pedophiles on the internet. (Remember all photos are in public) By joining this contest you are indirectly helping them compile baby pictures and the worst is you are contributing the picture of your own child.
  3. We have an existing Data Privacy Law of 2012, posting baby picture and full name of the baby directly violates this law. And take note we’re talking minors here. The parents should be the one protecting their minor child to this not consenting.
  4. The organizer is profiting on this without much effort. They should be legally accountable with the government taxes if this is their business model.

Key Take aways

  1. You should not compromise your son/daughters privacy right in exchange for 5 minutes of fame. This is just a social media bubble, this will not affect your life
  2. Data privacy is important. You should take this seriously.
  3. This is a scam, don’t patronize these groups/people
  4. You don’t need an affirmation on social media. Your baby is born beautiful/handsome because it is created in the image and likeness of God..

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