The power of Video Game: Playing with my brother even we are 1,908 miles apart. Coping with this Pandemic: Entry 002

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Ever since we are a child, my brother and I are fond playing video game. I remember the first video game that we played , it is the Mortal Kombat Arcade Game. We are actually hooked with that game. We frequently visit the arcade shop that is quite far in our home. Up until I remember we purchased a cd player and a TV. You know the old cd players used to have a free game and a joystick. Remember the cd that contains “100” games, but in fact I clearly remember that it actually only contains 10 usable game and the rest is just a repetition of other game. Though we are restricted to too much playing of video game. we are able to sneak out playing while our parents are not home. (sorry ma hahahaha). Though I ask my mom about this, she said that they always know that we are playing the video game while they are not at home. Hehehehe

Fast Forward

The pandemic has been declared. Lock down is enforced. I stayed at home for a while. To kill boredom I look for a video game that is entertaining and fun. I discovered Fortnite Battle Royale via a Twitch Channel. It seems that this is fun. I tried playing it, then I invited my brother who is currently residing at Japan to install and Play. And then we became squad mates in the game. It is so much fun playing with my brother because I felt that he right beside me playing. Many childhood memories are flashing back. More than winning the game, the experience brings more fun in the game. The Game is pretty chill and I enjoyed it.

Playing is fun ( Even You are miles apart, Thanks to the internet)

Even though Philippines and Japan had different time zones this do not hinder us in having fun every night. They are actually 1 hour advance. Somehow this game takes out my home sickness. Though I cannot go back to our home in the province right now. I still feel that I’m home. This is I think my one way of coping out to this pandemic.

I Launch My Gaming Channel

I launch my gaming channel to share to others that video game can be fun. We just need to control the environment, avoid toxic behaviors like trash talking and the likes. It can actually create a community. Yeah my gaming channel is

If you want to see my streaming games, Like and Follow the page. I cannot promise any value on this but this is a great way of entertainment

Actual Stream with my brother

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