I’ve downloaded Tiktok as a joke but now amazed with its diverse community.

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November 2019 a short video dance clip popped up in my timeline. It was a cringey dance video! but i find it entertaining then I observe the obvious watermark in the video. This video came from the Tiktok platform!

I’m hesitate to the download the app at first because of its security reputation and to think this app is published by the giant Chinese company ByteDance. I’ve conducted first a security review for the app first and based on its recent backslash they did an improvement on their security. Anyway, I’ve downloaded and installed the app out of curiosity.

For You Page

The moment you open the app, you will be redirected to For You Page (#fyp). “For You” page contains random tiktok videos that might interest you. The more you interact with the videos you like the better the “For You” page will be. Regardless of the popularity or who you follow for you page will give an equal chance to the uploaded videos to be seen.

At first, my for you page contains cringey dances and non-sense content but later on, my fyp changes to much more diverse contents like tutorial, random videos of dogs and cats and some clean comedy content.

Diverse Content Creator

Psychology facts: @onlyjayus, she explains random psychology facts that are actually amazing

Voice Over Artist: Inka Magnaye : I’m literally amazed how good she is in making live voice over on TIktok

CEO of Colourette: Nina: She answers questions regarding business (women empowering)

Monologue Comedy: Marvin Fojas, relatable clean jokes, fresh content, new ideas

Monologue Comedy: Richo Bautista, Aleng Nena, Walang Ganun mars,

Rico Blanco: I’m a Rico Blanco fan

The Tiktok Pharmacist: Arshie, explains everything about medicine

The Cebu Pac Flight Attendant : Shaine Buhat

The Real Estate Broker: Charli Chang, flexes his car hahaha, explains real estate on tiktok

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