Hello World! Welcome to My channel!

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Hello World!

In the world of programming, the “Hello World” is the starting point of learning. This is the most basic thing that you do in order to proceed to the complicated stuff. We all have our starting point. The best in starting point is the uncertainty and the excitement of what happens next. I’m a little excited on how this journey will turn out. I’m expecting plot twists and of course new learning.

This is where I start!

This first article may be not the best , but this is one of the most remembered. Finally! I’ve started to do this thing that I’ve been planning to do long long time ago. I finally have the guts to express, explore new territories of this digital age. 


Let’s talk about life, interests and social issues! Let’s express ourselves as a common millennial. Let’s have a heart to actually care on the important issues in our society. Not just by ranting and posting fake news on social media, let’s do the real deal!!

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