I’ve got hired because of Instagram!

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May 2018 — The time has come! After 5 years of studying engineering, we are now finally going to graduate. There are a lot of things that’s running on my mind. I’m thinking whether I will do the 6 month vacation (pahinga muna anak) or I will start searching for a job. No one is actually pressuring me to look for a job, but somehow I felt the peer pressure for job hunting, because of my batch mates discretely boasting that they were already hired, and they will start reporting to the their job right after the graduation.

Career Orientation and Job Fairs

Our school (TIP-Manila) has a good program for the graduating class. They organized a job fair us. We really appreciated it. One of the requirement for us, is to visit at least 20 booths (Company booths) and drop our CVs. But the job fair is conflict with our schedule. We have a DOST Scholars exit conference on the day of the job fair. One of our friends (Rio Arban) volunteered, she will take care the dropping of CVs for 20 booths. The following week, at least 8 companies called me to schedule an interview. And up to now, I still don’t know what are the companies received my CV.

I’ve attended the several interview, I passed some of them and also failed on others. The interview that I passed requires me to start immediately ,like one day after the graduation or the week after graduation. I contemplated and realized that my mind is not yet ready to start for a job, I WANT TO REST! I declined the offers.

Vacation + Instagram

I’ve decided to go on vacation mode after graduation. I was so excited to go home because finally! I’ve finished the 5 year engineering program. I wanted to celebrate. I’m very thankful for that moment to God, because of His grace for me. I’ve finished my college degree! Another milestone in my life.

I’m relatively new on instagram I’m fascinated on how organic the content on this social media platform. I’m also amazed on the many verified personality on this platform.

Aero 360 x Instagram

One of those vacation moment, I stumbled upon on one instagram post of Aero 360. ( I’ve followed the instagram account of Aero 360 because our thesis (RAVEN)) I’ve got excited and fascinated on the said post. I’ve commented

Wow Fixed Wing Drone 🙂

And to my surprise, aero’s account replied with this comment

@linuxsteven hello! We have openings in our tech and engineering departments for technicians and engineers! 🙂

Aero 360’s Instagram post
The thread for application

To my excitement I’ve replied “Wow!! Where I can send my resume po?’ The rest is history. I’ve sent my application to the HR. I’ve been called for an interview. Link to the original post https://www.instagram.com/p/Bi3wZC7FMuF

Time to decide

During the interview, the HR asked me what position I’m applying for? I stuttered!!! hahahaha. I honestly, don’t know what I’m applying for. I honestly said to the HR that I don’t know what position I’m applying for. I only said, I will apply to any vacant position that Aero can offer.

After a day I’ve got a call that I will proceed to the final interview. The final interview will be conducted by other than the CEO of the company. I felt nervous because I did not expect that it will escalate that quickly.

The Final Interview

During the actual interview I feel at ease because of the friendly and approachable vibe of the CEO. We casually talk during the interview. And one thing that I cannot forget, is the “Question of Accountability” that was asked to me by the CEO itself. “Steven, How can you add value to this company?”I honestly don’t know what to answer. I paused for a moment and deeply think. One thing that I remembered that I’ve said that time is <NV> I’m willing to learn new things, and I will do my best to the extent of my knowledge to improve the IT system and Infrastructure. <NV>. The rest is history I was hired! The rest is history

I will be celebrating my 2nd year anniversary this June!

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