I’ve made a App for Group Buying of Milk Tea: Google Flutter Dev + Firebase ( This is just joke app hahahaha)

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One day upon scrolling on reddit. I stumbled upon this hot mobile development system made by Google. They called this as Flutter. The highlight of the post is flutter is so flexible that you will only write one code base system and you can publish the app in android and iOS. It is designed by google to help the developers acquire the natural design aesthetics of an app. I’ve watched Youtube Tutorial and came across to solve my own problem.( Know more about flutter https://flutter.dev/ )

Group Buying of MilkTea (Pasabay ng Pabili)

In times like this (COVID-19) it is wise to just do a group buy in store. Group buying avoids unnecessary trip of other members of the family thus this minimizes exposure to public. My frustrations in group buying are (especially in buying milk tea) either I need to go individually to each person and write down their order or do a long back read to the group chat. It is not ok especially if everyone in the milk tea store is in a hurry. And one thing that frustrates me is the last minute text messages for changes on the preference of the milk tea. Sometimes I overlooked the changes and this frustrates other members who did the group buy.

My Solution: I’ve made a realtime app for milk tea order

I did my research, some app is actually capable of this solution but using those app is an overkill for milk tea orders. So I’ve done a 10-minute conceptualization and did some Youtube Tutorial ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfA3NWDBPZ4 ). And then viola I’ve created an app using flutter ( utilizes dart programming).

Pabili Milk Tea App.

Here is the video demonstration for the app.

Register Screen: Simple sign up page that asks for fullname, contact number, email and password.

Sign In Page –Typical Sign In page for you to sign in in case you’ve already done signing up.

Main Interface- List of users and preferred milk tea flavors, sugar level and size.

Edit Milk Tea Interface– This is where you update the preferred milk tea flavor, sugar level and size.

Try and Download the APK of my APP: Download Here

I cannot export the iOS version of this because I do not have Macbook and Xcode to process the export.

My Future Plans:

I will be developing an app just like this but for Barbecue orders ( With merchant integration). No need to wait to line. Just place your order then pick up your barbecue. I will be doing this to help small business entrepreneurs.

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