God is still in Control : My Enhanced Community Quarantine Story

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March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared a Pandemic because of the increasing case of COVID-19. I did not expect that this COVID19 will escalate the situation this quickly. I was so scared because of the uncertainties that is coming. I don’t know what to expect, Do I need to panic? What should I do? Do I have to retreat and go back to my hometown?

I’m scared for my health.

I was so anxious during the first week of the quarantine because, 1 week prior to the COVID19 outbreak I was confined to the hospital because of a dengue fever (This deserves another story) . I was anxious because my immune system is still on the recovery process, and I might be vulnerable in contracting COVID19. How I wish that I will isolate myself and do a lockdown myself but I’m independently living in metro. I need to buy my food in grocery stores, I need to prepare food for the following weeks. All of this uncertainties are running on my head. It feels like this situation has robbed my inner peace.

Don’t worry: God is still in Control

As I read my journal entry dated on March 17. I was reminded that of all this chaos, Jesus is still in control. The last thing should die is our “HOPE”.

Here is my Journal Entry:

March 17, 2020

Today is a crazy day! I lot of things happened. This is the first day of implementation of total lockdown (ECQ). Last night the implementation is quite chaotic many people cannot go home because they are barred to enter the borders.

As I watch (joined) the devotional prayer with Destiny Family. It emphasizes that God is our refuge and strength. God is still in control, God is the Prince of Peace.

I was so encouraged with the prayer meeting (online) lead by Ps. Carlo. I believe that Jesus is still in control in all the midst of this chaos. I’m still grateful for this day. We will continue to battle in prayer with this chaos. Jesus is still in Control.

March 21, 2020

It’s almost 1 week since the quarantine & total lockdown (ECQ) has been implemented. I buy grocery every other day since I usually do not hoard food supplies for the lockdown.

According to the official update of DOH 230 is now the active case of COVID-19 and almost 18 had died. And sadly one of the faculty in UP had died caused by COVID 19.

It’s almost a week since I did not go outside the house. I made myself productive by doing automations (work from home).

I have a side project that enables to do a face detection for contact tracing. This is an early project but still the idea is there.

Anyway I still pray that the situation in our country will be back to normal.

My journal entries

Screenshot for my POC + RAVEN (I will publish a special story for this)

The idea behind this project is to do a contact tracing rapidly if a person is positive with COVID 19. Using the existing CCTVs installed in the area . Or this can be used in checkpoint for contactless pass instead of manually checking the ID and quarantine pass. But this is still on the early stage and it poses more questions than answer. These are the questions that will arise. 1. How can we protect the data privacy of an individual? 2.Will this be the new way of government in profiling a person? and so on.. For this I will write a separate story.

My take-away

This moment is very historical because at a snap, everything has changed. The gathering has become impossible, like we are living in a war. All of the sudden, I appreciate the freedom that I had. But now I appreciate more the efforts of the frontliners like our doctors, nurses, janitors and cashiers in grocery. I also appreciate our men in uniform for maintaining the peace and order. But I’m still trying everyday to be grateful despite of what is happening, this is the best that I can do for now. I still try to do my part to contribute to the solution. “In times like this I can say to you that Philippines still has the best citizen! I can see the Bayanihan in every possible way that we can do”.

But take heart we will overcome this by God’s grace!!

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