Opinion: Please read this before installing motorcycle barrier -(Let’s Talk About Aerodynamics — I use NASA Software for this)

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Disclaimer: The objective of this blog is look on another perspective on the policies that were implemented during Pandemic. I’m all out support in wearing face mask and social distancing protocols. Let’s Heal As One.

The first time I’ve read the news that finally IATF allows backride or “angkas” on motorcycle for couples, I’m very glad finally!, but this happiness was replaced immediately with confusion. I cannot comprehend the logic behind the barrier on motorcycle. Here are my arguments:

  1. They only allow married and live in couple to do the motorcycle backride. Like we all know that in home these couples are intimate. (What’s the purpose of the shield?)
  2. The proposed design is plainly stupid because it does not properly address the contamination. And worst these shields pose a greater risk on the road.
  3. Full face helmet is enough! Which is required by the law when riding motorcycle.

Motorcycle Simulation – Aerodynamics Proof

I’ve made the explanation super easy so that any people can understand what I;m trying to convey here.

I remember in one of my classes in Engineering the concept of Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics.

  1. The first step that I did is to download a motorcycle model. I use the open source software Blender in order to model the Motorcycle.

2. I remodeled another version with a barrier.

Let’s Try to do a Simulation

The simulation parameters are the following: moving motocycle at 60kph

Aerodynamics of motorcycle without the passenger and the shield.


Aerodynamics of motorcycle without the passenger but with shield


By analyzing the aerodynamics of the system it is very evident that the motorcycle with shield had a significant drag that can cause imbalances on the motorcycle. This is very dangerous especially when you encounter large vehicle that produces turbulence. You will be knocked off instantly if this happens. (For full analysis, shoot me an email).

I use the FoilSim software by NASA (Glenn Research Center) to generate much more technical data about the drag and lift produced by this shield barrier. This software is used in plane and rocket simulation and computation.

The simulation above is an example and computation if a rocket or a plane has a plate (similar to shield) wings angled at 20 degrees. It can produce enough power to cause a Lift! Same with situation in motorcycle with shield it can produce enough lift to wreak havoc on the rider and the motorcycle.

My conclusion:

The Motorcycle shield installation is plainly stupid and very dangerous to the rider. This does not properly address the problem, instead it causes more problems. And to the decision makers Please do your job properly! Please consider what’s good to all.

Stay Safe Guys!!

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